Fitness and diet inspiration from ageless beauty Neetu Kapoor

She eats a healthy diet and abstains from sugary and oily foods. At night, she has 2 pieces of dark chocolate to satiate her urge for sweets. As she belongs to a Punjabi family, she loves eating but tweaks it with a little awareness, as per a report published by Be Fit and Fine.

Reportedly, her diet majorly includes simple meals, cooked in a healthy manner. She takes breakfast at 10am consisting of a bowl of papaya, 2 egg whites on a toast and sugarless tea. At 12 noon, she has watermelon and a glass of buttermilk. Neetu takes lunch at 2 pm which comprises 1 roti, dal or chicken and dry vegetable. At 4 pm, she consumes 5 almonds and 2 walnuts, at 6 pm, she has 2 cream crackers. She prefers having vegetable juice and eating a fruit at 8 and for dinner, she has 1 roti with dal and egg bhurji.

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